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ģBasic CV
Name: xxx nationality: China
Current location: Guangzhou National: Han
Exit and Entry: Shaanxi is: 170 cm 63 kg
Marital Status: Married Age: 30 years old
Training Certification: integrity badge:
Job search intention and work experience
Personnel types: ordinary job
Position: Biological Chemical / Pharmaceutical Engineering: Biological Engineering Manager, the Minister of Traditional Chinese Medicine / Western medicine / Pharmacists
Work Experience: 6 Title: No Title
Job type: full-time can be reported for duty - two weeks
Monthly requirements: 5000 - 8000 hope that the working area: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou
Personal experience: in October 2001 to June 2002 in Baoji City Drug internship.
Nearly 6 years of experience in the work of two companies.
From July 2002 to March 2004 Granville St. in Xi'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as a laboratory director.
Work experience in detail:
laboratory system (the system, technical documentation) of the planning, set up and perfect the work; testing equipment research, selection, procurement, inspection, testing, etc.;
laboratory the day-to-day management and inspection work. And participate in the entire process of GMP certification.
In April 2004 in February 2008 (letter into Pharmaceutical Group) Qi Ying Han and Tibetan Qinghai Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as the quality manager.
Work experience in detail:
Professional Certification:
Familiar with the drugs, food, health food-related laws and regulations, with medicines, food, health food certification procedures and requirements to participate in the company 3 times (6 formulations 12 varieties) GMP certification, certification of health food products 1 ((letter into Pharmaceutical Group) in Qinghai Tinospora health food Co., Ltd.), set up a quality management system, specify the quality of the management of the corresponding documents and materials (raw materials, auxiliary materials, packaging materials), semi-finished product quality standards and criteria for inspection procedures, and designated quality control personnel and the duties of inspectors; familiar with the GMP certification to verify the procedures and requirements involved in the verification (cleaning validation, environmental disinfection cleaning validation, system validation, equipment validation, process validation, etc.).
new drug R & D:
Responsible for the company's new drug R & D work. Familiar with the procedures for new drug research and development, familiar with the drug R & D
The requirements of independent general agents to complete the preparation of pharmaceutical information, sorting and reporting. Familiar with the principles of conventional test equipment and performance, and operation and maintenance of an independent, has a strong inspection techniques and skills, able to complete the inspection work of the Standing Orders.
Familiar with the health food of the procedures and requirements development, responsible for the development of health food products based on information and preparation works for the preparation. And is responsible for the outreach.
Over the years the company is mainly responsible for the laws and regulations at all levels of personnel, expertise and professional skills training and assessment, the training can be firmly carried out the current situation surrounding the company, making the company at all levels of legal awareness and legal concepts, making professional and technical personnel at all levels of expertise to enhance professional skills have been greatly improved, can adapt to changing requirements.
ISO14001 certification:
January 13, 2006 OIA to obtain ISO14001 certificate. Familiar with the regulatory requirements for environmental management system and the use of guidelines (National Institute of Standards), familiar with the environmental management system certification process and requirements involved in the formation of the EMS work and the appointment of a corporate environmental management manual, procedures, operating documentation (A management type, technology B), such as technical documents and data, company quality management system is responsible for running the organization, coordination, inspection and assessment work, is responsible for internal audit, management review and other work organizations.
Pharmaceutical Packaging:
Well-known drug-related brochures and packaging label of the laws and regulations, and familiar with the drug label and packaging design specification of the procedures and requirements, the company responsible for assisting the presentation of drug packaging label design work, is responsible for the design of drug packaging label presentation, and printing the final version before review, proof-reading, monitoring and follow-up work.

Educational background
Graduate institutions: the Faculty of Medicine of Xi'an
Highest level of education: college graduates - 2002-07-01
Studies by one: the Science of Pharmacy 2:
By education and training experience: from September 1999 to July 2002 in Xi'an Medical College (formerly Shanxi Medical College) Pharmacy
April 2001 Certificate in Computer II
January 2006 marks a radius of Group Environmental Management System Certification Audit certificate
October 25, 2007 in Qinghai Province Health Authority health food certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice training
2 February, 2008 letter into Qinghai Pharmaceutical Group workers excellent management certificate
Language ability
Foreign Languages: English well
Mandarin level: the level of proficiency in Cantonese: null
The ability to work and other expertise
  Nearly six years of medicine, health food quality management research and development work experience.
Detailed personal autobiography
  Active thinking, self-motivated and has strong ability to forge ahead;
Hard hard-working, self-learning ability;
Has a strong team spirit and a strong affinity;
Honest and trustworthy, diligent and responsible.
Personal Contact

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