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    When you enter a new workplace you find a unique organizational culture to which you have to adjust. Each company is different and each company has its own culture.


     The way people behave at the workplace is mostly set by the upper levels. Its tightness or looseness tells you about the personality and way of working of the high ranks of the company.


    Nowadays, a person changes jobs very often with an average of changing careers at least three times during his/her working lifetime. It is very important to adjust to any organizational culture quickly in order to keep your job and to achieve a higher position within a company.


    There are some basic rules one must follow in order to blend quickly and to earn the respect of co-workers and managers alike:

    为了更快地融入企业文化之中并赢得同事和领导等人的青睐, 你必须遵循以下几条基本原则:

    1) Conversation. Keep a distance of approximately 18 to 20 inches from the people you are talking to. Keep an eye contact and give your undivided attention to the person speaking at the time.

    1)交谈有礼。应与交谈者保持大约18 到20 英寸(约半米)的距离,时刻保持眼神的交流,并且专心致志地倾听对方的讲话。

    2) Respect of Position. In any company, a position or rank means the level of power. When you engage in informal conversation with your superiors, keep a respectful distance. Do not do backslapping, elbowing, or other touching that gives the idea of close friendship or intimacy that does not exist. If you have a high position, address your subordinates who are older than you with respect and politeness.


    3) Help. The best way to get the help you need for an assignment is to give it. If a coworker is using his lunch hour to finish a project and you are available, offer your help with no strings attached. This person will be very happy to help you when you need it. If a co-worker uses his lunch hour to help you, a Thank You card, a small gift, or a lunch invitation is very appropriate.


    4) Compliments. Always pay compliments when they are due and deserved. When you do that you lift up their spirits and it speaks well about you. Just be careful of not overdoing it or your words and honesty will be questioned and judged. When someone pays you a compliment, a simple “Thank You” will do wonders for you.

     4)适时赞美。在值得赞美和该赞美的时候,不要吝啬你的赞美之词,当你出口称赞的时候势必会让人振奋,同时也为你树立了良好的形象。不过要注意不要过于夸张,否则你的言语和诚信会遭到质疑和指责。当别人赞美你的时候, 一句简单的“谢谢”会产生让你意想不到的效果。

    5) Disagreements. Choose your battles carefully. It is important that you defend your position as strong as you can. State your case and debate, but also be aware of the reaction of others. If you see they are getting resentful or annoyed, bring the conversation to an end. This way you will avoid it turning personal. Name calling weakens your arguments. Disagreements during meetings will happen, so the best way to go is to keep it as a business issue and document the outcome: This way a compromise of everyone involved will be clear.

     5)求同存异。谨慎地选择是否“开战”,尽可能坚定地捍卫你的立场是十分重要的。陈述你的理由,并且辩护,当然还要留意其他人对此的反应。如果你发现他们正变得不满和厌烦,那么就让这次交谈到此为止吧。这种办法会避免其演变成 “私人恩怨”,而谩骂会削弱你的论证。会议上的分歧时有发生,所以最好的处理方式就是公事公办,并将会议的结果记录下来:通过这样的方式,每个人都退让一步而得到的折中方案就清晰可见了。

    6) Gossip. Gossip at the workplace happens all the time and it is inevitable. Keep your private life in private. Answering personal information, even if it sounds innocent, can set you up for gossip. If you are the object of gossip, find the source and confront this person in private, not with anger, but with concern, kindness and firmness. If you like hearing gossip, you are participating and you are also to blame for the harm this gossip does to a person. If you are asked to participate in gossip, refuse in a tactful and firm manner.


    We spend 8 hours of our day in our workplace. It is important to keep a respectful work environment where each person can do their best professionally. Respect and politeness go a long way in any organization.

    我们每天要在工作场所待8 个小时,保持一个彼此尊重的工作环境很重要,这样才能让每个人都有最佳的工作表现。尊重和礼貌会让你在任何一个企业组织中走得更远。



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